Boulder Real Estate Blog November 8, 2017

5 Easy Steps to Utilize Home Security Systems

With the official start of the summer season right around the corner, homeowners across the country are beginning to anticipate the longer days, warmer weather and family vacations that define the season. As a Member of the Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, I understand the importance of keeping your home safe and secure—whether you are at the office or out of town.

The following home security system tips from will not only keep your house safe during the summer travel season, but also offer peace of mind for homeowners looking to protect the largest purchase they will most likely ever make.

1. Make yourself at home. Set up motion sensors throughout the home to communicate all activity. Even if the security system is disarmed, you can still find out what’s going on at home. Interactive security systems can keep track of both alarm and non-alarm events making it easy to find out when the kids get home from school, when the delivery truck arrives or when the cleaning crew leaves.

2. Put security in your pocket. Homeowners constantly on-the-go rely on their cell phones to regularly check in with people who matter to them. Checking in on your home is no different. Simply download a free mobile app to control the security system and monitor the home when on-the-go. Today, security apps for iPhone, BlackBerry or Android devices enable arming and disarming of the security system from afar and also the ability to watch live or recorded video footage from security cameras while away from home.

3. See your way to safety. A security system can truly become a window to your world. To watch over the house while away, use any smartphone or computer with access to the Internet to manage and monitor video surveillance cameras. Even view live video of your kids playing in the basement or save clips of visitors at the front door to know who came to the house. Control your camera settings right from a cell phone and, when video footage is recorded in important areas, receive clips via email and text message to stay aware of what’s happening at home.

4. Use your security system to stay informed. No matter where you are, stay connected to home with a wireless home security system. Set up custom email and text message alerts to stay informed about events that matter to you. Be alerted whenever the security system is armed or disarmed. Or find out about a power failure or a water leak in the basement before it’s too late.

5. Make your security system even smarter. There are endless ways to use a security system to protect your home. With home energy management features integrated into the system, lights can automatically turn off when you leave for the day. An integrated home automation solution will allow you to lock all the doors in just one click when the security system is armed, turn down the thermostats according to daily routines and assist in setting up personalized user codes for any visitors who come to the house when you’re away.

Be sure to put your home security system to good use when you are away from home this summer. Feel free to contact me for additional ways to protect your home and please forward this on to any friends or family that may be traveling this summer.