Boulder Real Estate Blog November 8, 2017

Boulder CO in Top 20 House Price Appreciation

Boulder CO Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area ranks 17th in house price appreciation, out of 381 SMSAs.  According to, for the end of the year 2008, the Boulder SMSA had 2.99% appreciation.  If you’re wondering where #1 is……..Decatur AL at 6.58%.  It is interesting to note that the Boulder SMSA also includes Longmont.  Longmont has had a tough time lately, so if you were to take Longmont out the stats would even be better.   This survey is not based on average or median sales prices.  It is based on the sold price of houses where Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac was involved and can she what a property sells for everytime it turns over.  Bottom line, the Boulder area remains a safe place for real estate, even in tough economic times.