Boulder County’s Housing Shortage

Duane’s top 10 Reasons to explain the housing shortage in 2013

  1. Housing starts are less than needed based on population growth.  Builder’s having difficulty starting up again after many trades have left the industry.
  2. Population increasing because of immigration and births  The echo boomer (kids of the baby boomers) wave is hitting.
  3. Boomerang buyers – lost their home to foreclosure, but now back in the market to buy.
  4. Dormant sellers -They haven’t heard the market is better
  5. Values haven’t caught up with the loan amounts to create enough equity to allow a move.
  6. People are staying in their homes 9 years on the average instead of 5.
  7. New Household formation creating demand
    The 25 year olds are moving out of Mom and Dad’s basement
  8. People are living longer and staying in their homes.
  9. Better employment numbers
  10. Low interest rates have allowed more buyers  over the last two years  to buy homes.

Bonus reason 11….the flood-took several homes off the market
Displaced residents quickly absorbed all available rentals

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 9:52 pm
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