Boulder Real Estate Blog November 10, 2017

Can a roof increase your home’s value?

How Your Roof Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re considering selling your home in the near future or looking to increase the value of your home for an upcoming refinance, the all-important place to start is at the top. Take a close look at your roof and consider whether it adds to or detracts from your home’s value.

What most people look for first are any signs of aging, which tend to trigger suspicions about leakage problems. Make sure your roof is not unfairly labeled as “old”—and your home thereby devalued—by conducting a thorough cleaning to remove black staining or debris. While hiring a professional to power wash your roof is always an option, you can also choose to tackle the job yourself with a large broom, some soap and a garden hose—just make sure you are physically up to the challenge of climbing ladders and navigating heights.

While cleaning your roof may simply involve removing dirt and stains, be sure to determine whether mold is also a culprit. Understandably, mold is a serious detriment to your home’s value and needs to be removed promptly and thoroughly.

Once your roof is clean and aesthetically pleasing, investigate your attic to find out if there are indeed any leaks. The attic is the best place to spot signs of a leaky roof, according to GAF, a manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing. Have all leaks repaired immediately, even if they are minor. While they may go unnoticed by a potential buyer, a home inspector will find them and you’ll take a hit to your sales price or appraisal value.

Next, take a close look at your roof for granules on shingles, curling on the edges of shingles or shingles that have come loose. These repairs should also be taken care of right away.

Be sure to maintain an accurate record of all repairs done to your roof—in the past and currently. This documentation can serve as important competitive differentiation when you’re selling your home and will give an appraiser an indisputable picture of your roof’s condition.