Boulder Real Estate BlogDuane's Timely Topics November 10, 2017

Duane’s Top 10 Real Estate Investment Tips

  • Have a goal and a plan. This can be as simple as “buy one house a year”.
  • Buy houses for appreciation. Buy Multi-units for cash flow.
  • Buy Real Estate and wait – as opposed to “I could have bought that for…”
  • Never Sell – as opposed to “I shouldn’t have sold that for only…” Do 1031 Exchanges instead.
  • Have a team assembled: 1-4 unit lender , 5+ unit lender, CPA, Attorney, Insurance agent, Exchange Company, Title Company, Property Manager, Service contacts for fix up
  • Don’t pay off loans early
  • Hire a property manager
  • Educate yourself. Be able to evaluate opportunities quickly. Think outside of Boulder or your local community. Stick to what you know
  • Leverage your investment.
  • DO IT!!!!!!!!