Boulder Real Estate Blog November 10, 2017

Keeping Moving costs down

5 Ways to Cut Moving Costs

Between closing costs and property taxes, buying, selling and owning a home is an expensive ordeal. But moving doesn’t have to be. Below are five ways to save money when making a move.

1. Time it right. Most people move in the summer, because the kids are out of school, the weather is ideal for packing and, in general, most people are less stressed out. This means movers often charge less during the off season. If it’s at all possible to postpone your move, attempt to relocate between October and April to score those off-peak discounts.

2. Look into delivery. There are a handful of companies that will deliver a portable storage unit to your place. You will save money by packing it yourself, and then the company will come back to pick up the unit and bring it to your new place.

3. Use what you have. When it comes to packing supplies, you can save money by using what you have. Pack in suitcases, bags and bins you already own before buying supplies. And if you do need more, try purchasing your packing material from a recycled box company or ask local businesses for old boxes they plan on tossing. Moving companies often overcharge on packing supplies, so use them as a last resort.

4. Rent your own truck. While it requires more work, renting a truck and doing the move yourself from start to finish is the cheapest way to move. Ask friends and family to help, or hire neighborhood teens to help with the packing and lifting. Be sure to look into all the fine print before choosing a rental company. Fuel and mileage charges can differ immensely, so do your research.

5. Don’t forget to deduct.
Many people don’t realize they can deduct moving expenses from their taxes. If you relocated for work, you may be eligible to deduct packing, transporting and storing costs from next year’s taxes, so be sure to save your receipts!