Boulder Real Estate Blog November 10, 2017

Need a Buyer for your home? Here are a few tips!

Tips for Finding the Right Buyer

If you’re selling your home, you’re probably enjoying the fact that the market currently appears to be back on track. As more and more buyers come into the fold, you may even have multiple offers on your property.

Whether you’re choosing a buyer, or currently in the throes of negotiating price, the following tips can help you land the best deal on your home.

Offer an incentive. If someone offers you a lowball price, one way to up the ante without quarreling over money is to provide an incentive for a higher offer. Incentives are especially effective with first time buyers.

Some good incentives are:

  • Providing the buyers with a home warranty or title insurance
  • Paying for closing costs or homeowner’s association fees
  • Offering to repaint or re-carpet to specifications
  • Purchasing a year-long membership to a local pool or club

Price it right. If you don’t want to get into negotiations to begin with, it’s important to price appropriately. Many sellers focus too much on what they bought the home for, or the work they put into it. Unfortunately, a home value is based on the current market, so it’s important to forget about the cost of that new deck and instead familiarize yourself with current conditions.

Know the market. To get a good sense of what comparable homes are selling for, attend open houses and check out local listings. And of course, ask your agent for help with this—they have access to the MLS.

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