Boulder Real Estate Blog November 10, 2017

USA Pro Challenge Bike Race 2012

The USA pro challenge is already one of the biggest Pro Cycling Races in North America, on the same level of the tour of California. The USA Pro Challenge will finish stage 6 in Boulder, Colorado on August 25, 2012, to reignite the cycling fire started during the Coors Classic years. It is now dubbed the biggest single sporting event to hit Colorado! Approximately 250,000 people are expected to be on hand in Boulder, Colorado, to cheer the cyclists from all over the globe. This year the Boulder stage will finish on Flagstaff Mountain. Flagstaff Mountain is known across the planet to the cycling world. Most any world class American Cyclist knows how long it takes to get from the 17th St. stoplight on Baseline Raod to the Mailboxes just past mile 5 on Flagstaff mountain. Cycling Physiologist Alan Lim says, “ if you can do it in 25 minutes, you are world class and can quit your day job and become a professional cyclist”. Try it yourself sometime and you see how fast the guys really are. If you do it, be sure to record your ride on your Garmin and upload it to and you can see how you do compared to world class riders.

Boulder is a premier cycling town and will have several local cyclists participating, including Timmy Duggan, Taylor Phinney, TJ Van Garderen, and Chris Baldwin. RE/MAX of Boulder is in full support of this spectacular event by being one of the sponsors of the Cycling Lounge at the 29th Street Mall which was open for cycling fans to gather to watch the Tour de France. The cycling lounge will also be open for the Olympic Road Race on July 28th! Three of our Boulder cyclists, Timmy Duggan, Taylor Phinney and TJ Van Garderen will be giving it their all for Team USA in London on that day.

On race day, August 25, in Boulder Colorado, RE/MAX of Boulder will be hosting a client party at the RE/MAX of Boulder office at Folsom and Canyon. The race will go right by our office between 11am and 12 noon. It will be a wonderful celebration of the USA Pro Challenge with food, band, Jumping Gyms for kids, and lots of cowbells to let the riders know we are cheering them on. RE/MAX of Boulder will also have a booth at the USA Pro Challenge Exhibits on race day in downtown Boulder on Pearl Street.